See The World In Color With “Something Like Seduction”

“Something Like Seduction (SLS) is a 3-piece band based out of Tucson, AZ that was formed in 2011. The SLS sound is a fusion of reggae, rock, and alternative music. SLS has been playing shows locally through Arizona since 2011 and has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as: Rebelution, Pepper, Atmosphere, Dirty Heads, Iration, Tribal Seeds, Passafire, and Fortunate Youth, among others.  In 2013 the band released their debut EP “Lost In Emerald Cove”, which has since gathered 50 thousand plays through Spotify and Soundcloud. In January of 2015, the band started touring regionally and have since played 30+ shows in cities throughout California and Utah. Something Like Seduction also released their first full-length album, “Weapons Of Mass Seduction” on December 18 2015 and their sophomore EP “It’s Gonna Be a Peaceful Night” in 2017”

Many tours and months later, Something Like Seduction is now preparing to drop their third EP called “COLORS” on August 11th 2018! But before we get to that you’re probably wondering why I am so hyped about a band that is out of my typical daily-listening-genre (hard rock), and how I even discovered this band.

Something Like Seduction is a band that I discovered on Instagram nearly a year ago on a total fluke, but I am so glad I did. The band, Estaban (drums), Tyler (Bass) and Connor (Vocal and Guitar) are all twenty-something-year-old men with a simple passion for good music,a good time and are probably one of the most kind and hardworking ‘local bands’ I’ve ever come across. Before I even say more about this band, I just want to take a second to thank them for being so kind to me, despite their constant touring and work on this EP, they’ve been so supportive and encouraging to me and my work, so thank you, boys!

Hence when I read that they were dropping new music, I didn’t even hesitate to ask for a collaboration because they deserve to have their name shared and their music heard. Seriously guys, be sure to check out their tunes that I listed below.

Friendly humans aside, it always comes down to the music. Something Like Seduction is truly like no other band out there, their mixture of alternative rock and reggae creates this peaceful groove that you find yourself unable to sit still to. The island beats, and soothing vocals transfers you to this dreamy atmosphere. 

Through my conversation with Estaban, I got to learn more about the history of the band that’s been together for nearly a decade! Despite their current mellow reggae-esque sounds, the band started off as a Blink-182 cover band, and according to Estaban it wasn’t that great, but it was what got them together. Estaban shared,  “We met Tyler when we were 18 at the University of Arizona. Connor, Nik (former lead guitarist) and I were playing some music in our dorm room and Tyler stumbled in from across the hall, picked up the guitar and immediately starting playing and singing a Sublime song. We had a show booked for a couple months into the semester and we needed a bassist, so we asked Tyler to fill in for our first gig and it was a perfect match. The rest is history”


When I first the news of their new EP, I seriously wondered how they had the time to write and record in the midst of their non-stop movement, Estaban shared with me that This album [COLORS] was done entirely live. So we were all in the same room, playing through the songs together and then we would go back through and do some over-dubs, where we pinpoint specific guitar or bass parts we need to re-do.”

That alone could be a huge reason to why I am such an admirer of them, not only is their sound something different and like seduction (see what I did there?), they made this album organically, which to me is so important for a sound like theirs. They make island music, the kind of songs you would have playing at a beachside party with the beers flowing, so this more raw approach not only fits the aesthetic is but what, to me, made it such a natural sounding EP. 

(New Single “Colors” off their up and comin EP) 

When I listen to their music it feels so raw and personal, not overdone to become a huge cooperate success, it’s them. It’s three relatable guys from Arizona who, according to them are “All 3 of us are strong advocates of tequila and cheesy TV shows (New Girl, Friends, The Office, etc.)” making good music, and that truly comes across in “COLORS”.

Despite their light-hearted sound, Estaban shared with me that the inspiration for “COLORS”  was actually a less positive route, stating that “the inspiration for “COLORS” came from the past three years on the road and working full-time as a band. We have had to overcome several personal and group struggles and we wanted to put the lessons we had learned into songs.” 

What I like most about that is that the outcome of their personal struggles created this optimisic EP, it radiates light, it’s bright and fresh, it makes me think of a rainbow after the storm. Which is something so different that we have been getting from most bands today, and this is coming from someone who regularly seeks out sad and dark music, sometimes you need a pick-me-up and that’s sincerely how I feel about Something Like Seduciton. They’re not made of frils, they’re hard working, kind-hearted and damn talented.

This relatable and comforting sound is apparently important aesthetic to the band as Estaban told me, “We want people to hear our music and be able to relate it to real-world things that are happening in their day-to-day life. It doesn’t matter if they are living it up or feeling down. The ultimate goal is for people to hear our music and for it to impact them on an up-to-date basis on what’s going on in their life.”

When I asked the band about the most recognizable experience of making “COLORS”, they shared that it was an “all-around wonderful experience – we got a chance to record with the amazing producer Charles Godfrey, pushed ourselves creatively and created our best work to date! We can’t wait to share this record with the world and get back into the studio to make the next on”. 

Safe to say you can hear the positive recording session lads because this is one beautiful summer album! I personally really enjoyed it and I hope you all do as well.

“COLORS” by Something Like Seduction becomes available for the world to hear on August 11th, 2018 and it will be available on all streaming platforms!


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also be sure to give them a follow on Instagram as well as their beautiful dog Luna (both post 10/10 content)






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