Reviving Canadian Rock With “Revive The Rose”!

It’s the time of year when we’re all begging the sun to chill the fuck out, because we have been burned to a crisp. I think its safe to say that a good majority of us are more than ready to accept a rainstorm here and there. Beach season is over and done with,  summer is coming to a close, festivals are wrapping up, and bands are dropping singles in preparation for Autumn tours… which, to me, is the best time to keep an eye out for dope new music.

As someone who is constantly listening to music, I am not afraid to admit that I hardly venture off into new music, and I have been pretty slow on catching cool “local bands”/ “underground” artists. However, I made it my mission this summer to ignore the “top rock charts” , my comfort bands and so forth, by stepping out of my musical comfort zone in search of kick-ass, passionate, creative musicians who aren’t out there on stadium tours (sorry pearl jam).

So today I have exactly that for you guys. A cool canadian rock band, that just happen to be lead by a close friend of mine! Revive The Rose is a “ gutsy, every-man band from Niagara. They’re the kind of band that turn heads when they play live. Revive the Rose provides the party and the most powerful shredding rock and roll in town! Telling real stories from an everyday point of view of hit and miss. A collection of honest and straight forward songs touching on themes of life, love, learning, and moving forward. Revive the Rose has conquered Southern Ontario, and always ready to prove that rock and roll will never die.

Revive The Rose is a hard-rock band with stellar guitar driven tunes, raspy vocals, that releases banger after bangers, thus they are appropriately given title of the next big Canadian rock band! The band has quickly made its mark in Southern Ontario, opening for acts such as Danko Jones, The Glorious Sons, The Standstills, illScarlett, The Lazys, The Mahones. After touring in Ontario, their newest lead single “Nine To Five” generated attention at Canadian radio, most notably at 97.7 HTZ-FM. All doing so as an unsigned band.

After a long time of waiting, the band has dropped their latest single “Moxie” which has already gathered over TEN THOUSAND plays on youtube, and is now available for streaming everywhere! “Moxie” is a hard-rock love song, giving an honest take on the lessons learned from a heartbreak. Its melodic guitar rift, hooks you on the tune instantly. The heavy tune is only the beginning for Revive the Rose’s future plans of new music.

This break was a long time coming, and well deserved, lead singer and songwriter for the band, Andy, told me how much work and thought has been put into their future: “it’s been a huge journey for me darya, i used to be such a massive push over. my band still gives me shit for being too nice lol. But i’m very confident in what we have to offer. there’s lots of bands i listen to these days and some of it is just garbage filler BS. The one i sent you, i can confidently say we put a lot of work into making that what it is. And we don’t write about things that like… people want to hear. I just write about what happens.”

Hail! Hail! Andy, I get that, and I hear that in the tunes. I am so proud of these guys, especially Andy is one of my dearest friends. I vouch for this band, and I wish them the best, even though I know they don’t need much luck because their amazing music, and hard work, will take them far.

Stream the new tune here

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