Revive The Rose Leaps Into Spring With Their New Cover of “Always Something There To Remind Me”: Listen Here!

Not even a year has passed since the Canadian rock band Revive The Rose (RTR) dropped their debut LP, but the band is already back with an exciting cover of the Brit-rock smash hit “Always Something There To Remind Me”.

In the last 12 months, the Ontario-based quintet dropped their first studio album under their own label, Snareguy Records. They also shared the stage with some of the biggest international names in rock, like Glorious Sons and Monster Truck, to name a few. Now, they’re ready to continue taking the Canadian rock industry by storm with this fresh take on a 90s classic.   

The track was recorded in Howl Studios in Oakville, Ontario and produced by Andrew Leyenhorst, who has done work on a few names such as Arkells, and The Motorleague. The frontman of the group, Andy Colonico shared with me that they “decided to do the song because we just felt we could make it more epic than the 80s drum loops with a wall of guitars and drums and just simply because we enjoy the song”. 

The song croons nostalgic fun summer vibes, that I know many of you will be instantly adding to your ‘suns out, windows down’ playlist. The song embodies the youthful and fun atmosphere that the Revive The Rose is all about. Andy is definitely right about the song being a more rock’n’roll take on the classic tune, a nice mix of real drums and loud guitars takes the vintage feeling out and gives it a nice 2020 touch to it. 

Stream the new single here:

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