Carmina-Rhapsody: One-off performance of thrilling Gershwin and Orff classics at Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre

The West Coast Symphony is a collaborative effort on behalf of the West Coast Symphony Orchestra (WCSO), The Vancouver Bach Choir and The Vancouver Community College Choral assemble.

Since 1970, The West Coast Symphony, formerly known as the Vancouver Chamber Players, has performed iconic masterpieces of string. In the 50 years, the WCSO has been known to perform nearly 30 free concerts a year in venues such as churches, hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Although I may be formally known as a “Rock Writer” that critiques and discusses music leaning towards the hard-rock and metal genre, I do not limit myself to experiencing live music of all different facets. Moreover, when researching the WSCO something in particular that struck my attention is how WCSO is not only a high-quality, non-professional orchestra, operated 100% by its members. But, also, its musicians receive no pay for their services; as their reward is in the preparation of quality musical programming to share with the community… I knew immediately that this something I would have to check out.

No matter the genre, the love of music is something that can be shared unequivocally by its performers, as well as its listeners, and is something I will always whole-heartedly support.

Thus, on the 23rd of February, 2020, I attended the WCSO’s one-off performance of Carl Orff’s monumental piece of music, Carmina Burana. Conducted by the iconic Maestro Bujar Llapaj, Principal Conductor of the WCSO.

The skilled Llapaj, received his formal training at the Academy of Arts in Tirana and the Conservatoire National de Rueil Malmaison in Paris. He has since conducted concerts throughout Europe and still travels across the globe as a guest conductor.

The show being the WCSO’s first concert of the new decade bestowed two outstanding performances of Gershwin’s timeless, jazz-infused Rhapsody in Blue and Orff’s powerful Carmina Burana. Which included Maestro Dala effortlessly playing a piano solo from George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. As well as immaculate performances from the talents of Leslie Dala (piano), Elaina Moreau (soprano), Martin Renner Wallace (tenor) and Steven Bélanger (baritone). Who, together, created a hauntingly beautiful movement of music that seized the attention of the audience with every note they played.

Despite being treated to a one-off show, the WCSO season does not end there. From February 2020 to June 2020, you can catch a spectacular show of your own. It truly is a fantastic live music encounter for any music lover out there.

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Thank You Hartley PR for this great experience of wonderful live music with the Vancouver community. This is something I am very passionate about and would go any length to promote and help keep alive.

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