Alternative Rock Album Of The Summer: “Future Dust” by The Amazons

On May 24th, 2019, British alternative rock group, The Amazons, dropped their sophomore album Future Dust and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since. In 2014, the band, Matt Thomson (Vocals & Guitar), Chris Alderton (Guitar), Eliott Briggs (bass) and Joe Emmett (Drums) formed in Reading, United Kingdom and released their debut album in May of 2017, which charted #8 in the UK Album Chart. This set off the band’s mission to bring back Arena rock with their alternative-grunge-rock inspired tunes.

The band’s set of singles included Black Magic, Little Something & Junk Food Forever ignited the band’s road career, and opened the doos to worldwide tour hrough 2017 and 2018, that included headline shows in the USA!

Since their self-titled debut album that was released in 2017, the Brit-rock four-piece has decided to move away from the steady gritty rock tracks that their debut album had been infused with and, instead, took the opportunity to recreate their sound with a lighter bluesy-rock essence. Future Dust definitely fits better in the “arena singalong” category that they initially wanted, but still kept some heavier riffs to keep the rock’n’roll influence.

The album opens up with “Mother“, and it immediately peaks one’s interest as it slowly builds a groovy beat with the drums, then the guitar kicks in, and there’s honestly no turning back from there. You find yourself reaching for the volume butto and turning the album up in deep interest. For me, I was instantly hooked, and I know you all will be too.

The Amazons Press Shot 2019 Credit Alex Lake

Mother“, and much like the rest of the tracks on the album, make you want to sing along. When”Mother” morphs into “Fuzzy Tree” it keeps that nostalgic grungey feel ,before the album shifts into a more a more soulful bluesy sound… man, what a dream. Tracks like “Georgia” and “25” are the perfect mixture of indie and beach rock, it has the vintage blues elements, but the grittier riffs that keep it modern and fun.

Dark Visions” and “Warning Sign” are the classic alternative rock songs that carry a heavier guitar and drum grooves that we all want to hear in an alternative rock album, especially “Dark Visions“. To me, Future Dust is the perfect summer album that the indie-alternative rock universe was in dire need of. It’s fun, it has the groovy rock riffs that make you want to dance, and it’s fresh…. and this is coming from someone who doesn’t normally listen to alternative rock.

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One thought on “Alternative Rock Album Of The Summer: “Future Dust” by The Amazons

  1. I was fumbling around WordPress – or depress as I think it should be re-badged now – for something decent to read and amongst the banal terror that is “Cherri Lucas Rolands” and gobs of business/blogging advice I found this gem! Thank you for being human, and also for introducing me to this gem of a band. I haven’t been as excited as the day I discovered Zeal and Adror.

    I’d kiss you but I doubt I’d stop.

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