Silence burns more than verbal resistance,

Your cowardliness crackles in the distance.

Flames of abandonment reach for my death,

While the heat of the unsaid burns my flesh. 

The sweltering heat causes my heart to decay,

This I embrace, as love only brings dismay. 

I have seen the Devil and felt the wrath of hell,

It was when I first saw you and I heard the death knell.

Like Lucifer, your claws reached for my innocence,

A white dove crushed at the hands of dissonance.

You watched as I followed your lead into the fire,

Welcome home, the blaze roared like a choir.

Alone in the abyss with nothing but a flame,

There is no sound, not even a whimper of shame.

The heat of loneliness embraces me like a hug,

I cradle the notion of death like a drug.

Swallow me Eternal Retribution, take me to the Grave,

For I can no longer take this pain that he gave,

I welcome your torment Hereof, 

As there is no torture greater than the abandonment of love. 

— Miss Mephistopheles



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