5 Spooky Bands To Get You In The Halloween Spirit!

Happy October! I feel like I haven’t even been able to step back and actually revel in the fact that we’re in the best month of the year. Although, that’s not too surprising as this seems to be the reoccurring experience ever since I started university five-years ago. Before University, October meant staying up late every night and watching horror films, costume planning, and attending Halloween-related events.

Now, as an adult in University, October means being buried neck deep in midterms and assignments, which to me, is a lot scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever watched. Complaints aside, I am determined to get at least one spooky post up — even if that means forcing myself to push past my 6 cups of coffee a day… to 8, in order to have the energy to stay up late and write this post!

Before we get into the list, I just want to forewarn anyone who is reading this that this post is not intended to say that these bands are only good for Halloween and that I genuinely find them scary, I listen to these bands all year ’round and they are actually some of my all-time favourite artists in general. Despite this, I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into a “spooky Halloween playlist”.

This posts, to me, is an in-between-wanting-to-die-over-school-de-stressing-mechanism, so please keep that in mind when before you read continue reading, please do not yell at me about the very lazy grammar and writing skills that you’re about to scroll through, I just want to write in a very relaxed manner.

without further a-do..

5. Ghost

I look for any opportunity to represent and recommend my Linköping boys, so of course, I’m starting this post off with Ghost! The band Ghost is a Swedish metal/hard-rock band that I think is perfect for the Halloween time, simply due to their aesthetic and thematics. For those of us who are over the age of 13, I think one of the most fun and exciting parts of Halloween is the costume-parties, as it is an opportunity for people to show off some of their skills such as their creativity, sense of humour, pop-culture-niche, etc. Which is why I think Ghost is a perfect band for Halloween… you like costumes? They got costumes! You like spooky devilish stuff? They are “spooky” and “devilish”. If you’re looking for loud, fun, devilish music to be the soundtrack of your October/Halloween then look no further!

Ultimate Spook Factor Song Recommendations:

  1. Con Clavi Con Dio
  2. Satan Prayer
  3. Monstrance Clock
  4. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
  5. Year Zero
  6. Mummy Dust

4. HIM

ok ok, now it just looks like I’m trying to force my favourite bands on anyone that comes across this post.. well, I am, but, I’m also an “every day is Halloween” kind of girl! It helps that my birthday is on Halloween, but its also because I just love all things “creepy”, so all the more reasons to take my word on some good October music! Now, HIM aka His Infernal Majesty (wait, it’s the other way around, but you get what I’m saying), is a band that thrives off goth culture, but not just any goth culture… mall goth culture! You know, the black parachute pants, crucifix necklaces/earrings, sitting at the graveyard while reading Edgar Allan Poe — aka a regular Friday night for your girl. HIM oozes October culture! They got songs about vampires, dying together, coffins, funerals, etc…not to forget, Ville Valo (the lead singer) is a Finnish Dark Lord, the only man that holds my heart, has the deep baritone voice that fulfils your dreams of a Vampire serenading you..

… am I the only one that dreams of that?

Recommended Vampire-Esque Songs:

  1. Vampire Heart
  2. Your Sweet 666
  3. Bleed Well
  4. Poison Girl
  5. Join Me in Death
  6. Gone With The Sin

3. Marilyn Manson

Would it be a Halloween music post without the Pumpkin King, himself? Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question.  Notorious “shock rocker”, whatever that is, Marilyn Manson,  has more to offer than just his cover of “This is Halloween”. Normally, I’d cringe at the thought of people listening to his music just for the sake of being edgy, however, I have decided to take a chill pill and embrace that October is an opportunity for people who wouldn’t normally listen to my kind of music, will now indulge in it a bit. Although, I do warn you… Manson is for the more advanced Halloween-fans, those who can actually stand the true gruesome characteristics of this beloved holiday, as his antichrist character shines brightly during this time of year.

Advanced Level Halloween Song Recommendations:

  1. This is Halloween
  2. I Put a Spell On You
  3. The Dope Show
  4. The Beautiful People
  5. KILL4ME
  6. Sweet Dreams

2. Sisters of Mercy

Now, we’re breaking away from the mainstream “spook-masters” of music and getting into the real bat-caver-gothic tunes! And what better way to do that than to introduce that genre with Sisters of Mercy, now this won’t be a lesson on the greatness of dark-wave music, especially since I already did that (click here to read it), but I do think that dark-wave-goth-rock is perfect for the Halloween season! That is if you enjoy synth-pop and don’t mind the throwback 80s feel since it is from the 80s! Sisters of Mercy is perfect if you want to feel like you are living in the film Lost Boys — which I think is how we all want to feel in October, am I right ladies?

80s-Bat-Caver Song Recommendations:

  1. Alice
  2. Lucretia my reflection
  3. Marian
  4. Possession
  5. Bury Me Deep
  6. Poison Door

1. Alice Cooper

Personally, when I think “King of Halloween” in music, I think Alice Cooper. Alice is the reigning king and originator of “shock rock”, musical creeps and spooky theatrics! On top of that Alice’s everyday music hits all our favourite October themes: Monsters, Ghouls and Death; which honestly made it so hard for me to narrow down to 6 songs for you guys to check out but I went with some of my favourites

Hallo-King Recommendations:

  1. Steven
  2. Poison
  3. Paranormal
  4. I Love The Dead
  5. Feed Frankenstein
  6. Teenage Frankenstein


Bonus Artists: London After Midnight, Type O Negative, Bauhaus, Poisonblack — they all fall in the same explanation of Sisters Of Mercy: goth music.

I hope these artists not only get you in the Halloween spirit but also introduced you to some really cool artists that, again, I personally love all year around. Sorry that this post is short, and lacks emotional depth, but again, this time of year is so chaotic for me!

Until next time interwebs,🕸






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