You are the Champion, I am the Sea.
At night you would rinse the crimson off your hands in the blue of my body,
Praising God for my purity as if it would rid you of your malady.
I replenished your thirst, as you proclaimed your love for me.

You told me tales of your battles, my knight in shining armour.
How the crowd would cheer despite the wounds inflicted.
The water turning violet, as you told me stories that were scripted.
As the salt of the water cleansed the sin out of your gashes,
You looked at me and said, “The sea is the greatest love of my life.”
“And when I die, you will be covered in my ashes,
The Champion and the Sea, together, husband and wife”
But the words were covered by the sound of your splashes.

The metal of your armour loud against the smooth water
“But for now, I must make my departure”
The knight lift himself up on his horse, the blue now darker
“Thank you my dear Sea,
For I, The Champion, will always have Thee”
My water once as a summers day, was left there to decay.
Even all these tears couldn’t wash out the red,
Dear Knight, why have you gone away?
I have waited all these years with worry and dread.
You are the Champion, Knight in Shining armour, master of deceit
I am the Sea, invariably salty, unfailingly true
You continue to cheat the game of love without a single defeat,
But the tide has come, I am once again blue.

– Miss Mephistopheles



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