They say she has eyes of the devil

Dubbed her the unholy one.

Dare not listen to her cry

She will drag you to the depth

Without a final goodbye.


Kiss not those ruby red lips.

It is not paint from makeup,

But a mark of her victims,

A proof of her tricks.


Black as the night,

Empty as her soul.

A devil in disguise,

in need of a bite.


The fire of passion,

creates the house of Hell.

For love, and evil,

Gave her a story to tell.


She is not dammed or unholy,

But a woman of power and fury.

However, to some,

that is worse than the Devil.


So, dare to kiss her lips,

Grab her hand, ask for a dance.

For love is nothing but a

Play with chance.

— Miss Mephistopheles



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