10 Albums I Need to Add to My Record Collection!

.A great part of the excitement of being a massive fan of music is the process of collecting music. Nothing beats the feeling of a holding a hard copy of your favourite album, especially when it’s in vinyl format.

My love of collecting hard copy format of music goes back eighteen years, I was the tender age of five, I received my first ever cassette of the 90s classic “Cruel Summer” by Ace of Base. My uncle gave it to me when he came to visit my family and I from the long-lost lands of the US of A. Definitely not the most hardcore or badass, but it was played the shit out of at any opportunity I got, that bad boy was constantly being blasted while I gave a lip-sync-concert to my stuffed animals.

Since then, every penny of allowance I received from the trust ‘ol parents went to something music related, which began my CD collection. By the time I was 13 I had an extensive album collection that included the early 2000s legends: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Hilary Duff, Jonas Brothers, and the odd Iron Maiden and Beatles album because I was a very eclectic child.

Part of my room was dedicated to the Jonas Brothers, and the other part had posters of Iron Maiden artwork and My Chemical Romance…


By the age of 16, I discovered the beauty that is vinyl records and my taste in music shifted dramatically to solely focus on classic rock and alternative indie rock. My taste in music had been, currently is, and always will be all over the place, if the album is under the vague genre of Rock, chances are I like it and want it. However interesting that makes my hunt whenever I go to secondhand stores, flea markets, or my local record store, it also tends to overwhelm me. I will want a lot of the albums presented but only have a sufficient amount of funds — which is why there are so many GREAT STAPLE ALBUMS on this list that will probably make you go:

“WHAT…. you don’t have that yet?”

No, no I don’t.

Now unless you want to buy it for me, these will be on my want list for a bit more time.


“wow, that was the first album my dad gave me”

luck you! but I’ve had to start my collection from scratch, so give me a break all right.

Unlike a lot of record collectors, I never got hand-me-downs from family members, nor did I get introduced to great bands by parents or any of my elders. Everything I have in my collection and every album I am currently in need of is 100% self-discovered, and I am actually proud of that.

So with all that being said, let’s get cracking to the Top 10 albums I currently need, shall we?

ooooh wait, this is in no way an affiliate post or sponsored by the holy-discogs, and when I go on a rant about how DOPE this app/website is, it’s completely my own thoughts.

a sponsorship/affiliate would with them would be the dream though.


Discogs Wantlist:

  1. The Colour and The Shape – Foo Fighters (1997 release – 2xLP, Album)
  2. The Queen is Dead – The Smiths (1986 release – LP, Album)
  3. Grace – Jeff Buckley (2004 release – LP, Album, RE, RM + 7″, Single, Promo, Blu)
  4. The Pale Emperor – Marilyn Manson  (2015 release – 2xLP, Album, Dlx, Whi)
  5. Pornography – The Cure  (2016 release – LP, Album, RE, RM, 180)
  6. Songbook – Chris Cornell (2011 release – 2xLP, Album, Ltd)
  7. Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division (2015 release – LP, Album, RE, RM, 180)
  8. Aoxomoxoa – The Grateful Dead (1969 releaseLP, Album)
  9. Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666 – HIM (2014 release – 2xLP, Album, Red)
  10. Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin (1971 release – LP, Album, Gat)


A lot of people collect and hunt for records differently. Some people insist on original pressing and mint condition only, thus causing them to literally dish out $200+ per album. Then there are those (me), who will find an album they like at a secondhand store (me) and pay $5-$20 for a decently battered copy not caring if it’s remastered or an original press, but nonetheless in kind of shit condition (me).

I have nothing but the utmost respect (and envy) for those who are able to pay $200+ for beautiful mint original copies, but personally, I have no intentions to sell my albums, therefore its not all that important to me if the sleeve is a little faded or if the album itself has some scratches. I’ve scored some pretty dope albums at random secondhand stores for cheap, just because the album is missing some inserts or the record itself is kinda banged up.. if it plays, i’m good.

That’s not to say I don’t take care of my albums, because I do! I never touch the vinyl, I clean them, I clean my record player, I don’t subject them to Crosley players, but again, I don’t care if the copy is mint or not. Nor am I too picky if it’s an original press or remastered. if I have to buy a remaster I am more than down (i like the shiny-ness), but if I find an original pressing that has been neglected, your girl will adopt it and bring it into a loving home.

Before discovering discogs I was a  much more casual record collector. I didn’t know people cared about sleeve condition, pressings, coloured vinyl, limited edition copies, etc. I just thought albums were released once and you either bought them or didn’t. Discogs opened a whole new world; and emptied my wallet.

Listen, obviously nothing will beat the intense pressure of squatting down on the ground and digging through a plentiful amount of crates at random secondhand stores, or browsing the aisles of local record stores to find the album you’re dying for, but discogs really unifies the record collecting community and allows many of us who aren’t privileged enough to live near a record store as stellar as amoeba music to still collecting music (holy run on sentence).

All the albums that I have listed are album that I  have really struggled to come across at my local record stores. Especially albums like, Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666 by HIM and The Queen is Dead by The Smiths are incredibly hard to find remastered, let alone as an original press, due to the fact they are both international releases. However, this issue disappeared as fast as my money when I realize Discogs not only had the albums but a million different kinds of releases to choose from?

There’s something exhilarating about an online marketplace for music, also something very scary to my wallet. When I had a job, I was ordering twice a week, buying so many different albums I never knew I had the opportunity to buy. All of a sudden I was becoming more of a record snob. I wanted limited edition coloured vinyl records,  I wanted to limited edition album covers, Canadian specific pressings, etc. WHO WAS I BECOMING?

Alas, now I’m unemployed and broke, so a lot of albums I am actually internally dying for, will have to sit in my wantlist until I get over my nervous breakdown my previous job gave me, or somehow make money off writing literal rubbish posts like this one.


The albums that are left in my want list, are actually some of my most favourite all-time albums, which is why its weird that they are still left in my wantlist, because normally people would buy their favourite albums first. I, however, have put off purchasing those mostly because they are the hardest to find deals for.

The way I cross things off my list albums to buy is it if its either a new release, so I order them off the band’s page, or if I find a good deal on something. The albums I’ve listed, however, are neither new nor easy to come across, even on discogs. A lot of the sellers will sadly mark up the prices, put a hefty shipping fee (thanks Trudeau) and suddenly, I can’t justify spending the $60+, especially when I am unemployed (have I mentioned how broke I am yet).

This does not deter me from collecting, just pushes me to be extra-cautious when record hunting, which honestly makes the purchasing more fun. How exciting can music shopping be when you can buy whatever album, whenever you want?? pfffttt.. rich people are so boring.

Anyways,  I hope that one day I can own a copy of alllll my hundreds of favourite albums in hardcopy until then I will keep digging for the best deals.

I want to end this post with a question, if anyone is still reading, what is your best crate digging story? whether it be on Discogs, or in a real record store, what album did you find for the best deal or something you’ve been searching for forever and finally got your hands on? Comment below, tweet me, reply to my facebook post, just let me know! I would love to read your stories.

if you use discogs, be sure to add me, I would love to see what’s on your wantlist !






Contact email: blueveinblues@gmail.com

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