Music for Cars: Summer Edition

Now that the American labour day weekend is here , and the Canadian/English Victoria Day has passed, summer is in full swing! People are ready for their camping drives, road trips, whatever it is, we’re ready to put the windows down and feel the wind in our hair while the sun shines down on us.

For me, a new season means a new playlist with fresh tunes to match the vibe of the time of year, because to me one of the most important parts of life is having a kickass soundtrack to get me through the days.

A genre of music that is my go-to “summer sound” ¬†is folk, and as mentioned previously, blues-rock. ¬†However, before I dive in with the playlist, I want to introduce you to an up and coming Canadian musician, Nicholas James Braun, who has kicked off my summer playlist in a feel good way!

Nicholas is known for his drumming in bands: Fourth Way, Kaptur, and Senegal Astroturf, and is now setting sail as a solo Folk artist with his latest single Chimney.  

Nicholas James Braun’s solo work, who goes by the title of Diz James. According to Nicholas, Diz James is an¬†“outlet where I get to write the words and compose the music.” ¬†he then elaborates, “My music is recorded on an 8 input Tascam recorded and I only have 3 microphones to record everything”.

Nicholas is still in the process of crafting his art, learning new and exciting ways to create good music with limited equipment. ¬†Chimney is the first track on his up and coming album called Hypnotic Truthful which will be released in the month of June!¬†Chimney¬†is a soulful folk song that puts me in the summer mood. Nicholas’ soft vocals with a beautiful melodic guitar are the perfect way to start off my Summer playlist.

The song truly captures what my summer evenings mean to me: a pack of cigarettes, the fresh summer air, and deep thoughts. Whether it be with a good group of friends or all by my lonesome, I find that the summer atmosphere has always been a breath of fresh air for me. The birds chirping, my anaemic bones finally getting some heat to them, not a worry in the world, which is what I hoped to capture with this playlist.

The inspiration for this playlist, which I’ve labeled sunshine¬†on Spotify, ¬†brings the nostalgia of when summer truly meant no worries, yaknow before University and stressing about jobs.¬†Growing up, my family was big on summer road trips, so to me, a summer playlist is more of a “barbecue” playlist or “chilling by the pool” playlist, it’s more of a “the music speaks to my soul” soundtrack.

Ever since I was young enough to remember, my dream was to blast my music while driving down an empty road by myself. However, at the age of 22, I have yet to experience that due to terrible terrible anxiety. I don’t have my license, let aloner a learners permit. So for now, my playlist is more of a “laying down in a field, pretending I’m speeding down the highway” kinda vibe (also, pretending I’m riding shotgun with Jim Morrison in his 1968 mustang).

Despite my lack of actually being able to play this playlist while driving, I’ve been able to do it in a friends car, my sisters, and even with headphones on in my parents car, and it definitely does the trick.This 18 track playlist is a sweet mixture of folk-rock, acoustics, and blues-rock that ultimately¬†packages up into a psychedelic vibe making you feel like you’re 15 again with no worries in the world.

I hope this playlist radiates sunny days, and the freedom of the road.









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