Top 5 90s Goth Girl’s & How To Recreate Their Looks

Hello pumpkins!

As we approach my most favourite time of the year I thought a great way to get us ready for the spoopy season is to share not only my five favourite 90s “spooky” films, but also discuss the fashion from them and the cultural impact the following characters left in the goth subculture! For this list in particular I’ve chosen the films with female goth leads, but as we get closer to halloween I’ll drop my general favourite halloween/horror films….so these films aren’t made to scare you necessarily, but more so to inspire and even empower? so,  Lets Begin!

1. The Craft – Nancy Downs

Crazy ass Nancy Downs served looks throughout the movie, she is a 90s goth icon and truly deserves her title. Despite her psychopathic and manipulative tendencies,  a lot of us can take notes from her headstrong “take no shit” attitude.  Her first memorable look was the Catholic school punk look, proving that strict nuns can’t stop her from showing Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.47.47 PMher more edgy side as she dresses up her uniform with a black rosary, spiked choker, and dark lipstick.

(prices in Canadian dollars unless stated otherwise)

Take note everyone, no strict dress code can stop a goth from displaying their true personality, no matter where you work or go to school you can add a little bit of darkness to your look. The special thing about Nancy is that she not only gave us one must have look but multiple, which is something I enjoyed most about the film, because a lot of the time these kind of films take place throughout one wild evening, or if it is a sequence of days they for some reason don’t do an outfit change, but thankfully we have multiple outfits to drool over. My second favourite is the queen of black magic look that we see her wear at the house party and a few more times throughout the film.  Nancy-Downs-from-The-CraftOnce again we see the dark makeup and spike jewellery but this time it’s dawned with an all black get up that is to die for — ha, get it? It’s an outfit I am totally going to try to recreate as it embodies the classic goth “uniform”, she’s even got the messy big hair going on, and something you can recreate in many different ways, here’s the way I would recreate it:

This may be on the pricier side, but the items such as the coat and the boots are items one can utilize on a daily basis and recreate so many different looks with, personally I find the boots to be such a good deal since boots typically cost $150-200+. You could also do this cheap velvet cami dress ($23) from forever 21 and layer it with black tights and a black coat on top! Never fear if the closer replicas are on the pricier side because you could always find cheap black items from places like forever 21 and then layer it to achieve the look you’re going for.

The last look I want to talk about is probably the most memorable as it appears to be the most different outfit she wore, but it truly embodies nu goth from the 90s and i am so in love it. I call it the “goth gone bougie” look, and although I am not exactly pleased with the cultural appropriation aspect of the look, it’s definitely worthy of recreating without the authentic Chinese pattern and clothing style. How? Just wear all silk with fishnets underneath and voila… you got yourself an amazing outfit, or better yet a velvet trousers with a silk top:


I find this all black velvet and string galore outfit to be an homage to Nancy’s outfits with a current day twist, that isn’t culturally wrong, and once again the pieces can be used in so many different ways. Nancy Downs is hands down one of the most noteworthy 90s goth fashion icons…and I have yet to find a movie that tops her crazy personality and style.

2. Lydia Deetz – Beetlejuice

Oddly enough Lydia Deetz has been crowned runner up as the queen of 90s movie goths C1vhk_qUQAQ0qVs(yes, this film was released in 1988 but it was on the cusp of the 90s so shhh) and that’s only because I found her style to be the least conventional, as memorable they are. Lydia is definitely the more likeable goth since she is more personable, but I still couldn’t crown her the ultimate queen when it came to style. Nonetheless, she served looks, and since it’s a tim burton film (and one of my most favourites) she became more mainstream and more notable. Personally, the most noteworthy part of her look is the bangs, which has become a signature hair style for goths to this day, maybe not exactly the same, but it’s safe to say that 90% of goth 510435c56b30c05b316702c081e560b9
girls rock short bangs and shoulder length hair. This too has become a some sort of uniform for goth girls all over the world, and I give credit to miss Lydia Deetz. Aside from her iconic hair, she rocks the all black facade and purple/pink eyes that we have all found ourselves doing, so on that hand her look is definitely relatable and been copied since. Sadly, and the reasoning for her second place, is that small amount of outfits we got to experience, one of the pillars of the modern day goth subcultures is the pop culture as it is the inspiration for our clothes and more, but alas the movie is still one of the bests, if not the best, and the small tease we get of lydia’s wardrobe was good enough to keep me wanting more. To recreate her look I found some must have black pieces and a hat to give you the lydia deetz affect.

3. Kim Diamond – Blair Witch 2

In the brink of the 90s and the switch to the booming millennial era we were blessed with the character of Kim Diamond. Kim Diamond was the classic dark makeup and fishnets goth that people were getting used to seeing in their high schools and even their colleges. KimD

Although the film itself is less than satisfactory — in scare factor, the movie opens with marilyn manson and gives us the the cliché teen-slasher vibes, so if you can put aside the poor plot line and not-so-scary jumps, I’d recommend for you to watch it in order to experience Kim’s vibes and style. Like a true out of the textbook goth, we are introduced to Kim as she lays in the graveyard, smoking a cigarette and is quick with the “don’t give a fuck attitude”. What I love most about her look is her dark eye-makeup with the matching lips, which is so easy to recreate with Kat Von D tattoo liner and her everlasting   liquid lipsticks.  Back to the clothes though, the reason why I really like her style is how easy is to recreate her look, and under budget! Unlike Nancy & Lydia who have the more lavish and trendy outfits that are harder to recreate without spending $100+ a piece, Kim’s look is more approachable, and to prove here are some super affordable pieces I grabbed from Hot Topic & Forever 21, and everything is under $50!!

4. Wednesday Addams – The Addams Family


As if Wednesday Addams even needs an introduction, she is probably up there as the most used goth fashion icon, just like Lydia Deetz. Since this is personal preference she is categorized as second to last due to the fact since she is a child we were introduced to a limited amount of looks, and since she rarely ever changed, not giving us much to work with. Nonetheless, I think it’s a must for every goth girl to have a Wednesday Addams dress in their closet, and so I have found an abundance of them for you to choose from:

Now that we got her classic look out of the way, I think it’s important to include her second iconic look, I branded it as the mini Morticia Addams look.ca349b5bc7456a6b2c1f1a1418cf18fd--wednesday-addams-christina-ricci.jpg

I was quick to find this lovely lace dress from Hot Topic for only $43USD. So whether you want to dress up as Wednesday Addams every single day, or switch it up to Morticia, we can all whole-heartedly agree that every goth girl needs a black lace dress and/or a dress with collars in their closet.

5. Ginger Fitzgerald – Ginger Snaps

In last place we have Miss Ginger Fitzgerald, true horror-maniac and true crime obsessed. Like all our high school goth teen queens, Ginger is the embodiment of dark mysterious loner who doesn’t fit in at her school of preps and thus instigating “out of the box” outfits. Unlike the others though, Ginger has sidekick which is her little sister who, also, gives some nu-goth looks, but ginger really stole the attention with her mini skirt and chokers.  Is it a 90s teen movie if we don’t have the classic strut down the hallway?


Some may argue that Ginger was more of an unintentional goth since she was transforming into a werewolf,  and that she was more was more gore-whore than goth.  That is all up to one’s person discretion on how they choose to dress within the subculture, as there are many different forms

i.e.: nu-goth, pastel goth, original goth, steam goth, etc etc, and ultimately as long as you are doom and gloom, spooky & different , a fan of the music, films, art and or literature, no one’s to say that you are or aren’t.  Moreover, Ginger Fitzgerald is a part of the nu-goth, marilyn manson cult part of the subculture, which is something we see more often in this current era of goth people, for that I call her the 3rd queen of 90s goth and call her a fashion inspiration. Without further ado here are some Ginger-esque pieces I chose:

To embrace the ginger look you really need to layer tight shirts with oversized cardigans, flow skirts. Ribbed shirts with mini skirts, is another look she would wear with combat boots!

That concludes my personal list of 90s goth icons from movies, please feel free to comment your favourites, or if you disagree in my ranking, I would love to know!

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