Back To School Haul + Must Haves

Hello Pumpkins!

Welcome to the first post on my new blog, my first post away from the “Cry-Baby” character and my first blog as myself! I am not going to get into the grueling details of why I have moved away from my first blog, at least not in this post, but just know it’s for the better and it’s because I have more confidence in myself.

That aside, let’s start digging through my favourite items that I have accumulated these past few weeks in order to curate my must haves for back to school/autumn in general. Some of these things were purchased earlier in the summer, but are just too good to leave out! 

To begin, I’m going to talk about my favourite makeup items, and then from there we can do clothes and some miscellaneous items.


Anastasia Beverly Hils – Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette $55CAD :

For those who follow me on other forms of social media, such as instagram, you most likely have seen me relentlessly praise this palette  palettethroughout summer, as it has become a holy grail product of mine. If you are anything like me and wish to achieve the pink bruised eye look on a daily basis, this palette is perfect for that. Contrarily, If you are someone who wishes for a more bronzed goddess eye look, you can achieve that with this palette as well, that’s the beauty of it, it is packed with stunningly pigmented colours that allow you to do so many different versatile looks, that you honestly never get bored of it. I took this palette to europe with me back in july and it allowed me to do simple shimmery eye looks using the more orange and gold tones for when i was tanning in the French Riviera , and do a smokey pink look for when i was going out in streets of Barcelona at night. Not only is this palette good for people who follow completely different fashion trends — instabaddie, goth, bronzed goddess, etc, this palette is also functional for different seasons. As mentioned before, you have your gold tones for summer, your browns/orange/pinks for both autumn + winter. So, for those who have been unsure of splurging on this palette — although i find it to be at a very fair price for the quality and usage I’ve been getting out of it, I swear by this with all my heart, and promise you that you will not regret the purchase.

Tarte – Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse $38CAD :

After two consistent years of using s1461102-main-Lherothe Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pomade, I had come to the oh-so-wild decision to stray away from my trusted friend and try something new. This very crazy decision (I hope people can pick up that i’m being sarcastic) came about back in June, when I went makeup shopping with my best friend who had asked for an eyebrow utility recommendation,  I was about to recommend to her my trusted pomade when I remembered that the Tarte eyebrow mousse is not only natural, but also vegan friendly and cruelty free (since she is also a veggie like me). I then heard great things from her so I decided to take my own advice and make the switch, and BOY, I am so glad I did. The Tarte mousse is a lot more natural looking, which was perfect for summer and even better for campus days, if you, like me, are more of pro-natural brows than the sharpie look. This product is also sincerely waterproof that withstands the nasty thick and moist summer air that Vancouver has been cursed with these past few weeks, so if it withstands that I’m sure it will survive long schools days. Did I mention that it is natural AND cruelty free??!??!!!! pleases my green heart. For just under forty canadian dollars you get the product and the brush, unlike the Anastasia pomade, in which you have to buy the two separately. I should also mention that at first glance the mousse looks very small, but don’t fret my little ghouls, you actually get a lot of product, and you will become very aware of that as you use it more and more. I have been using it for 2 months now and I haven’t even made a dent in the little tub. It is also more product in the Anastasia pomade! This, too, has become another holy grail of mine.

SmashBox -Try It Kit Bestsellers $28CAD :

There is no denying that I am very frugal, and even s1900638-main-Lherothough to the average person I come across quite reckless with money since I am always shopping, but I am actually really cheap, so when I find a good deal I will not only use the shit out of it, I will also recommend it to anyone with ears. Whenever I am at sephora and I am picking up more than two products I find myself digging through the travel section, because I find that more often than not that those sizes last me a good amount of time, and are at a much more fair price. Initially, I was on a hunt for a good primer because I hated the Kat Von D primer I was using — seriously, don’t waste your money on that watery goop that they try to pass as a  “super moisturizing primer”. So, I asked one of the employees to recommend me some good primers, and instead of just telling me the names of a few she took the time to get me about 6 simples of a whole bunch of different primers, telling me to try a different one every day and then to come to my final decision when I felt ready! Which by the way, is a really good tip to save money (LOL), get a whole bunch of samples, it will last you at least a month if you wear a full face every day. Anyways, I did as she said, trying a different one every day and then alternating between my top 3 for another week, alas I had come to a decision.  Smashbox’s photo finish primer is a 10/10 for me, I have very dry skin, so whenever I put my foundation on I have to heavily moisturize and then use primer, but I find with this smashbox primer I only have to use a small amount of moisturizer and a small amount of the primer for me to get the perfect combination of..primer. That is why I initially bought this kit because I wanted the travel size and the others would just be a bonus for me, thinking I wouldn’t be using any of them, but I did and I do, and I love everything in this kit but the lipstick, as it is too pink for my liking and clashes with my typical bruised eye look. Nonetheless, the kit is still worth the thirty canadian dollars, because it has kick started a new daily routine for me. I’ve actually incorporated black pencil liner back into my daily eye look, which is something I have not done since middle school??? In the kit there is a full size smashbox eyeliner, that is not only very black, but it has one of those sharpener lids and is waterproof!! nothing like that crap eyeliner I used to use in middle school that would fade within a few hours. Lately, I find myself reaching for the pencil liner as opposed to liquid liner, especially since I am going for darker eye looks, I really enjoying putting the liner on my eye lid and smudging it out with an angled brush, and then doing the same with the outer corner of my bottom lids, leaving that smokey emo look. The last few things in the kit are an eyeshadow primer, mascara and that lipstick. These items are okay, nothing I am in love with,  the eyeshadow primer works decently, not as good as the urban decay but since it came with the entire package I use it on a daily. I feel as though putting concealer on my eyelids would do a better job, but I don’t use concealer so it will do. As for the mascara, I don’t know if it was just the one in my box, but it was pretty dry, it took a decent amount of layers for it to work the way I wanted. Overall, since I’m cheap, for thirty dollars it’s a great deal for the three items I actually use: face primer, eyeliner and eyeshadow primer, so if you are on a hunt for a good deal at sephora i definitely recommend, if not, i highly recommend their pencil liner and face primers!

Rouge Coco Gloss – Moisturizing Glossimer (744 Subtle) $58CAD :

Now this item may piss a lot of lily-depp-rose-e1487347038517people off since it is not cruelty free, nor is it cheap, and it was a bit of splurge, but it was something I really wanted and well, like they say: when in france…shop Chanel. Before you get mad at me, close your eyes, pretend you’re in Cannes, France… Rue D’antibes to be more specific, and you walk past a department store that has a poster of Lily-Rose Depp’s face hanging on the front window and you see that she’s holding a chanel lip gloss. Being the massive Depp fan I am, I couldn’t just walk past the picture, so I walked in and alas my greedy eyes found beautiful over priced lip glosses. Within seconds I found the colour I wanted, because I was already looking for a 90s style gloss, and the 744 shade is a nice subtle (hence the name) rose coloured gloss that gives more shine than overwhelming colour, and like the name says, it is so moisturizing. If you, like me, had purchased one of the older coco glosses and stopped using it because it was so sticky, you’ll be pleased to know that this newer formula is as moisturizing as a chap stick! So, maybe it is worth the €39 i paid (which is nearly a whopping $60CAD) oops. Anyways, you might find it a dumb purchase but it is so lovely and it’s even lovelier to say that I got it in france, and I am well pleased with the quality of it.. although there isn’t much product in the tube, so use it sparingly like I have. I mean, who doesn’t want a bougie lip gloss in their school bag???

For the rest of my face, I have been alternating between the Kat Von D foundation and the Estee Lauder double wear, and still unsure to which I prefer more. I like the formula in the Double Wear but I like the colour in my Kat Von D, so I’ll update you guys on where I am with that on my Facebook page!


boy, oh, boy, have I done a lot of clothes shopping this summer and a lot of them are pieces that I worn the crap out of these past few months, so instead of listing everything I bought I’ll just list the most useful and versatile pieces..that are school functional and pieces that I know will be great September-Mid November clothing items.

AEO Denim – Hi-Rise Jegging $125CAD 

Photo on 2017-08-01 at 1.28 PM

before you get annoyed for putting another pricey item on my list, just reason with me for a second. There are three staple items that should always be an investment and not cheated out on: A Coat, Denim and Shoes, these are pieces that you will be wearing the most often and thus need to be good quality for you to be able to reuse. Sure, you can buy the items under $100 that will tare within a few wears and then you are left with $50 gone and the need to buy another one, so why not save yourself the time and just invest in the get-go? yaknow? I understand that people are not always able to drop $300-400 on back to school clothing right away, but since Autumn is a transition season (and my most favourite) you can buy a piece a month or buy two at a time! Moving on, these jeans are probably a new obsession of mine because of how cool and different they are! these are definitely not a necessity if you are in need of an every day denim, Photo on 2017-08-01 at 1.28 PM #2although I will probably wear them multiple times a week because i just love them so much, but if you are someone like me and already own 5-7 pairs of black denim and wanted something to shake up the denim section of your closet, I really recommend these.  Not only are they an awesome design, they are so comfortable, for something that looks like such a nice and tight fit, you don’t have to do that annoying skinny jeans dance to get in and out of them, they also breathe around your limbs and relax throughout the day, unlike some denim that get tighter throughout the day. They look so dope with a pair of dr.marten boots or even for the warmer autumn days with birkenstocks — which is how I’ve been wearing them since it’s not quite boot season.

Brandy Melville – Jayne Pants $40-42CAD :

 Now these are not only super affordable (in my Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.27.12 PMopinion), but probably the comfiest pair of trousers I have ever own??? If you are about to be a freshman in University and are unsure of how to look cute, but still comfortable for lecture, I need you to do whatever you can to get your hand on these. These are what I call publicly acceptable sweat pants, I mean, I know they have joggers, but these are actually chic looking and as comfortable as joggers! They look stunning with a pair of black chelsea boots or oxford shoes, I wore them with dr.marten oxfords and a body suit on a cloudy day and it was such a chic outfit without any effort needed. You could also wear them with hightop converse and tied up t-shirt, the possibilities are endless, and they are soooo comfortable. They are so versatile and cozy Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.31.57 PMthat I actually purchased two of them. I got the checkered and the black, because I know for a fact that the second it gets colder out I will probably live in the black versions since no one will notice that I have yet to change my trousers.  For purchaser note, the black versions are called Tilden Pants and they are $2 cheaper!



Brandy Melville – Windbreaker (Krissy Jacket) $42CAD: 

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.34.55 PMSince I invested in a more pricey long grey coat last winter, and already own a denim jacket and a leather jacket, I decided to break my transitional coat pieces in two more affordable choices, since I won’t need them/won’t be able to wear them past late November.  This first coat was more of an impulse buy and was something I added to my transaction at the last second when I saw it near the till. Some may argue that this is not a fall piece since it’s a baby pink, but I beg to differ, because fuck your rules, if I like it imma wear it. it’s a super light weight and soft coat that looks super cute with jeans or even shorts and converse, as basic as that sounds. Unlike a few other Brandy jackets I own, this one actually has functioning pockets and hood, so it’s really useful when I am running weekend errands and it’s raining out, especially sine I live in Vancouver which is also known as RAINcouver. A look I really enjoy doing with this coat is wearing my black shorts, black vans and a black t-shirt and then throwing this on top to add a pop of subtle colour to it. I also find this piece to be super useful for University students who will need to go from building to building during lectures but don’t want to lug around a massive coat, cos trust me, you won’t have anywhere to shove a proper big rain coat. This will easily fit in a backpack or under your lecture seat, and since it’s cheap you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined. It’s definitely the most different and unlike me thing in my closet but I really like it.

AEO – Oversized Military Shirt Jacket $88CAD (ON SALE FOR $36):

This, once again, is something different and out of my usual taste but when I tried it on in the store it looked great with what I was wearing at the time (shorts, converse, pink floyd tee), and Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.47.36 PMonce I purchase it I became more aware of how it fits with a lot of my clothes. Although it is not my aesthetic it’s such a nice functional transition piece for the end of summer and beginning of autumn. If you are someone like me and find yourself mainly wearing shorts and tee-shirts, jeans and t-shirts, i feel like this shirt really pulls together those sorts of outfits and gives off a nice grungey vibe. Personally, my “lazy” style is super grunge, consisting of ripped pieces, band tees and shorts/jeans, so for days like that I like to throw on a flannel with my outfits, and now this! I have been utilizing it more than I expected and I feel like in September it will come really handy to layer with a flannel underneath for some extra warmth. Now that it’s 60% off I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a light-weight but good quality outerwear piece, you really can’t go wrong with it.

BDG – Brendan Cozy Flannel Button Down Shirt $59CAD: 

This is probably super basic of me to go buy a flannel at Urban Outfitters of all places, Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 7.56.07 PMbut if you could feel how flipping soft and cozy this thing is you would buy ten. I actually had to hunt this down because the entire of city of Vancouver was out of flannels for some reason, it wasn’t even that they had yet to put out their flannels, it was that they were literally sold out. A  few weeks after hunting like some sort of voodoo power, I found this hiding in the urban outfitters underwear section, so I now use this thing as security blanket and will most likely wear it until it’s frayed and discoloured (heh). If you had to ask me which two things from this list I would tell everyone that they must buy, it would be this and the eyeshadow palette. I am so utterly in love with everything about this flannel, from the colour, to the high-low cut, to the softness of it, it is sincerely everything you, me and satan, needs in a flannel. At first I thought the high-low cut would make it limiting but it actually makes it more versatile, especially if you are like me and are not a fan of your ass sticking out in shorts, this solves the issue. I wear this with a more revealing shirt, shorts that are more cheeky than needed and then throw this on top, making it more every day the ensemble appropriate since it’s long enough in the back to cover your ass, but stays open enough to show off the cheekiness of the top underneath. It also looks great with jeans, you can wear it so the shirt hangs less in the back and become more balanced all around, and thus working perfectly with jeans, even dungarees. It’s honestly worth every penny, and I highly recommend you pick it up before they sell out.


Burberry – Classic For Women Eau De Parfum Spray $120.50CAD

This isn’t technically a summer purchase, but it’s definitely a summer to fall transition Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 4.42.28 PMmust have! I use this as an every day spritz before going to work or when i’m heading out for a casual event, because I find it to have a warm but casual scent to it, especially if you only use one or two sprays. The thing I like most about it isn’t a summery fresh smell, but nor is it a heavy winter scent, it’s a a nice warm but youthful smell, so it allows you to use as a body spray basically (so typically persian of me lmao). I find this to be a good price for a casual every day autumn perfume, especially the size to use ratio, a little goes a long way, so you won’t go through it quickly for it to feel like a chunk of your money wasted. Personally, I feel like the right scent pulls a look together as odd as that is, it sort of sets the tone of who you are, and people who incorporate nice scents to their look are more impressionable — in my opinion. I just find myself remembering people who wear nice cologne/perfume, so it’s a great way to make a good first impression at school! Again, if you have some extra change, and you’re also someone who can’t leave the house without spraying something on themselves, this is my autumn must have!

The Witches of New York – Ami McKay

Okay first of all, if you’re not following me on Goodreads already I’ll give you a second to 20053031do that. Now that we’re book pals, lets get talking. Personally, as much as I love reading, I don’t do it as often as I wish I did, nor am I one of those people who finishes books every week, mostly because when I get home from work I just watch netflix or youtube…yaknow? ANYWAYS, as long as this has taken me to finish, I am glad that I did, because it was such a nice escapist book by a canadian author! My favourite types of books to read are mystery, thriller, crime and historical fiction, and even though this book is classified as historical fiction, it definitely fits into the mystery suspense category as it has some mystical aspects to it.  What caught my initially was the fact it was about witches, the second my eyes saw the raven on the cover and the word witches, I grabbed it and bought it, not bothering to read the plot, but I am so glad that I did so. Not to waste anyones time by typing out the entire plot, I’m just going to sum it up with a few words:  Witches, Historical Fiction, Escapist & Fun read. And when I say fun read, I really mean it! Whenever I did have the time energy to pick this up and read, I couldn’t put it down until I had to move on and do something else, I mean, hello it’s about witches post-Salem-Era!!  This is a perfect light read for while you have some free time, especially since the first few weeks of school is typically light reading since the prof is waiting for everyone to buy the textbook, so pick it up and delve into the wicca-world.

Spotify Playlist

To conclude, I want to share a playlist on spotify that I have recently made that is filled Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 5.03.51 PMwith what I call goth tunes. It’s got your classics: The Smiths, The Cure, Bauhaus, etc. This not only goes with the autumnal vibes, but I find that it it’s an easy every day listen. As of recently this has been my go-to genre of music, along with my typical grunge bands, so have a mosey through my spotify and find a playlist for your liking. I have linked the Goth Girl playlist, mainly because it’s my current recommendations and my personal must-have for back to school, but I understand if that isn’t your cup of tea — doesn’t hurt to try tho 😉

It feels good to be back, and now that I have this new and more official website, I feel mentally ready to be a full-time blogger once again. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you choose to stay along for this spookier and more me blog!

Lots of Love,





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